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i'm young, random, and bipolar!!~ j/k:D hmm...i like almost anything that interests me and i'm really into foreign music, drama, etc. hehe...*sigh*. oh well, nice to meet ya!!~*peace*
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An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #176
Yesterday, my post was: “stay beautiful”, now it’s “stay perfect”. Idk really, it’s always nice when someone tells you this. Like you probably think you’re far from the ‘ideal perfect’; but it’s also nice to think that to someone, you just might be. 
On a random note, not sure if this is a quick work or a typography cause it’s obviously a blend of the two. 
PROMO WINNER #10: Made for please-stay-perfect
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If you are facing difficulty today, if there seems to be massive walls standing in the way of your breakthrough, remember, praise precedes the victory. Why don’t you do like the Israelites and give a shout of praise anyway. Stand and believe that God is at work even if you don’t see it. Before long, those walls will come down, and you’ll move forward into the victory He has prepared for you!
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